Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Can anyone tell me what are friends for? As I know, human is not an island. Human must have FRIENDS. Well, I do have lots of friends surrounding me. I do have friends, but do they really care bout you? Love you? Help you? Or share my problems and their problems with you? I doubt that. I have few kinds of friends. 1. Girls friends which only share laughters with you but after a long while, they will treat you like a stranger or seldom talk to you. 2. Girls friends which share everything with you including their secrets, and sadness and consult or even help you solve the problems. 3. Guys and girls friends who will listen to you, and just give a few of comments then act like nothing happen. 4. Friends that do not even know that you care bout them plus give you a few 'steps' of footprints on your face after they stepped on a piece of shit.

Erm, a few days before, 1 of my girls friens told me that THEY went to Jaya Jusco and watch High School Musical 3, after heard it, I was like Oh Okay, but after a few seconds, i thought it again. WTF?! I don't even know bout it. But, I'm used to these kind of situations, abandoned and not cared. Yeah, i do have various kind of friends beside me. I do admit whenever I go out with friends, especially their birthday, I'll wear nice clothes that I found on my closet. Yup, on my closet cause I never put my clothes back into my closet HAHA. Once, one of my friends said, 'You Chin Hui, I don't like you to follow us one lor, you always wear as if you're the birthday girl'. Okay, I'm hurt. What to do? Cannot complain, cannot do anything. Just have to keep it inside my heart. I wonder, is that the price I get after more than 5 years of friends?

Haihz, sigh sigh sigh... Maybe the way I think and the way the think, is totally different from how i think it is. Maybe they're more mature than me? That's why I'm treated like that? But not all the times I'm treated badly, sometimes I'll get some nice treat from them, which is once in a blue moon. But luckily I do have some nice nice super nice friends which I got to know her this year. She's the best one you can get. I don't know this stupid BABI know who is she or not. Hehehe. Happy or not? Belanja me Tiramisu la ish ish.

I do have someone who I can count on. This person is with me all the times when I got my night depression every night. I don't know how to repay my friend, just can say that I love all my friends no matter how they treat me cause, friends are gifts from God, which are very very special to mankind. It's hard to have friends since standard 1 you know? After Form 5, our relationship will be further and further away cause, I maybe will be out of the country to study, and most of my childhood friends will be studying Form 6, then I do not know, I'll still be remembered or not. I'm not a good friend:)

That's all for now.
A lot of craps I wrote today.
Sorry for being cheong hei.
WIll be updated next time!


yiwen said...

u urself said no man is an island. u've gt me n other ppl as well rite? neway, who said bday girl must dress the best??? u dressing nicely shows respect to the bday girl. ppl who dun realise this r idiots.

:) one homemade tiramisu coming up for christmas k? :)
praying for ur uncle. :)

vkipan said...

hey..chin hui..
cant blif i'm here rite..
well i treat u well enuf..
if i'm not mistaken
btw..i'll appreaciate everybody
includin YOU.wahahha..
4 real la..
LOVE ya..muackx.. =P