Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Day for A Good Start:)


Just got back from my uncle's house, from the day he came back from the hospital, my family and I go and visit my uncle and bring some fruits (dragonfruit, apple, pear, watermelon) for my uncle which cut by my dad. WAT LA! My dad didn't even buy various kind of fruits for us ish ish... Never mind:) I understand :) At my uncle's house, my aunt was helping my uncle to eat, because my uncle can't move his fingers yet:( After that, my dad says to me, 'Ah Bi! It's your turn now!' Then I was like, Oh Okay, then i go get the box of fruits with fork then i went into the room. '3 Pak! Sang gor lai lo! Hoi hao! Aruhum~~ Hou sik mou ah?' translations-3 Pak, fruits are coming! Open up your mouth! Aruhum~~ Tasty or not? Haha! Then he sure will say, 'Hou sik!' xD. This is because he only have two sons and don't have any daughters, so, he will talk to us with a better voice muahaha. My dad says when I'm giving him the fruits, my uncle loves it and my aunt is very happy too. I'm glad I can do something for them although it's not alot.

Oh yeah! Forgot to thank Mun Keat for helping me to decorate this blog for me, I'm still a newbie so I don't really know how to do the things. Luckily he's a GOOD guy as he praised himself hehehe.

This week is going to be a tough week for me, Happy Deepavalli is equal study! Study! And study!
Monday = 12.15p.m. - 2.15p.m. (Add Maths)
Tuesday = 6.30p.m. - 8.30p.m. (Add Maths)
Friday = Forgot what time (Add Maths)
That's all for today. Will be updated soon.
Finished at 11.35p.m.
Goodnight everyone. Take care and love your lives dude.

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