Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last chance.

The last chance of my life. Yesterday was a tough one. I cried, and he cried, too. He cried for 5 hours I think. I was hurt and pain in my heart to watch him cry while I'm here doing nothing. Well, the reason why we cried, because I ain't accepted into NYP. I really dunno what to do now. I still have the last chance to get into Singapore. By appealing. He sent all the letters and documents to NYP and Ngee Ann Poly today. Next week the docs will be sent to his house. I don't want to put too much hope in it anymore. As, I do not want anything like yesterday to happen anymore. I'm well prepared mentally. Be strong and that's what I always say to him. Be strong and we can go through all these. Be strong.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday my sister told me that she'll be sending me a mail, and must be home the whole day. Well, I kinda forget bout what she said hehe, then today, I was playing some stupid games in my laptop, then i heard "peep peep peep". What else? Of course rush to the door and open it laaa. I was correct, it was the POSLAJU. I took my IC and give him. Then I see, it's for me!

I went inside, open it carefully cause in my mind I thought, " Is it suppose for my mum or dad?" But, who cares, I still open it... Guess what? I shake the white box, and saw VINCCI. Aiyah, at first of course I will think, fake one laaa. Then I open the box, a watch and a 8GB pendrive, inside there's a note which, I won't tell you what it is heehee.

I'm speechless while having the biggest smile on my face. I quickly ran to the laptop, search for my sister in MSN, I thank her like mad. Every year, she's the only one giving me birthday present but I didn't return her at all. And few weeks ago,I treated her a lunch for the 1st time of my life haha. What kind of sister am I? Ok, I swear, wherever I go, wherever I am, I'll send her back a parcel during her birthday, if I got the money haha:) Lastly, I love ya sis:) Muah~

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waiting for 30th...

I'm rotting on my computer chair while waiting for the results to come, whether I'm accepted to go Nanyang Polytechnic or not. Well, I put a great hope on it and I kept telling myself that I'll be accepted. While on the other hand, I am quite sad, cause I'll be soon be apart from my friends. Not that I can't see them anymore, but, it'll take a long time to see them again, especially Florence, I love her so much. She'll be going to National Service this Friday(20th). After this, I don't know when can I see her again.

But we have to accept the fact. Don't worry my friends, I'll be back to visit you all during my semester break. Be sure to find me in MSN ok? I love you all and I'll always do. Muah~ Good luck in you undertakings.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Hate You!

Well, someone sent me a link to blog, well I won't say who are they or who is she/he. What I'm trying to say was, can't the person be grateful to their results? Please la, straight As man. 10a1 and 1a2, if, if I got these kind of results, I'll be happy like mad but that person, WTF LA! Still want to complain when got these kind of nice result? I bet when that person got my result, that ppl will straight jump down from the hall yesterday. Please appreciate what you all have. F*ck off please. You sucks and I wont ever ever like you.

Missed Those Days...

I've missed a lot of posts since I started working in Tesco Station 18 Takasima for more than 2 months. I've learned a lot, a lot a lot. I've learned that we will automatically change our personality, attitude, and kinds of faces when you're facing different kind of person. Of course, luckily my workplace there are all nice peoples. I'm quite sad to leave them although the mall is just 5mins from my house muahaha! Wei! You think I'm that free to go there everyday?! See their faces for more than 2 months also boring la... These are the pictures that i took, hehehe...

We are the stong men/lady! HAHAHA! Why are we so strong? Leave comment and tell me why HAHA!!!
Well, this piece of art...of course is mine! Cause I asked for a comb to comb dunno what thing, then he was sitting there then I just comb his hair like a nerd! I took picture and spread it around, and of course all the reactions are the same which is WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He ran to the toilet to comb his hair back. *skipped* On the last day, something happened, quite sad actually...but at least i can took 2 nice pictures~
2 posers there. Left> Ameer Right> Wan... HAHA... 2 crazy who always make my day a better one.
Left to right : Mr.Ang(my manager), me, Kar Seng. Bottom: Jessie the C cup LOL! Hehe, miss them a lot a lot. I miss the laughters, and the jokes. Those outside people who think that working is very hard, very suffering, and refuse to work and stay in the house rot and full with algae who rather face the stupid box and computer. By working, you gain experience, you'll be more mature and GAIN MONEY! MONEY! You got no money, can't do anything, think of this! MONEY!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, this is the first update after more than 2 months. I'm quite lazy to update actually and didn't even think of updating it. Today is the day my life changed(not really). I'm going to get my SPM and I went to Florence's house to gather and went to school together. My dad dropped me off and said, "Good result call me ah." I replied, "Not good then I don't call u haha."

Skipped the unnecessary parts. I don't want to tell you my results cause it's bad actually. HINTS: Half-half:) I called my mum.
"Ah mi, I got ...As"
"Huh? You can get ...As?"
"See? I told you. Others how? Florence leh?"
"See?? Ppl so clever. Who call you to play comp always?"

I cried. I never thought she would give such a reply. At least my sister called me, saying I did well although her results are a lot better than mine last time. At least she said that I did very well, not bad but non of these came out from my mum's mouth. Soon, we went to eat. These are the pictures of us after eating.=)

This picture, the most right is SUET LEE. Why her face like that? Coz at the last minute she shouted, "GOT CAR AHH". HAHAHA!

Then, we went to Steven's to tell him our result. *skipped* Went back to Florence's house. Mum fetch me and guess what? Sarcastic words again. This time more worse. I don't know how should I react. I remained silent and did not release my anger. I just can't stand her anymore. The conversations are like this. Most of it are hers.
"Wa, you Malay and Sejarah can get A? What your sister get B you got A. Sure you're the one that get THE WORST result among the gang. See la? I told you, you always study a bit come out walk walk. Play computer. Go into the room flip flip a few pages come out again. See they all get full As or 9As. You think for yourself la. Did you put all your hardwork into it? So how's *your friend's result?(dun wanna mention her name)"
"...As"and my mum remained silent for a while.
"Ooh, means she's the worst la?(trying not to be embarrased and to save the moody condition)Never mind la, sometimes get so many As won't be so good in the future"

Then I think for myself, did she know, how much hardwork I put into it? When I'm studying, she's not there, and only when I'm not studying, she's always there to look at me. I can't control my tears now. She never encourage me before but to step on me. I know what she's trying to say, but these wont work on me. I rather her to praise me. I never get it before. I just want to calm myself down. I know I'm not clever, but just reduce these kind of sarcastism to me and I'm very grateful to her already.