Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eye Bags :)

I woke up at 9.40am and my eyes are like shit weh. Bengkak... I'm leaving in 3 hours time I think.I better go re-check my luggage, later forgot to bring those important stuffs, such as toothpaste(I'll brush with plain water=D), and body shampoo(bath with mud)...

Love you guys! See me on Hari Anugerah. Whee hee~~!. I promise I'll take care of myself and self-control. I won't simple do anything in KL ok? Promise my friends...I'll be GOOD!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Queen of Nervous.

I seriously got no mood to write long blogs. I'm suffering from the disease of nervousness here. MAJOR ones.

Yesterday, Ming Ru, Suet Lee, Florence, Kasturi, Chih Yan, Kah Mun and Siew Fong had a farewell party for me, in the Kbox haha. The first song we sang was 'Xia Yu Tian' which is the one I missed when I went with Eu Wayne and Nicholas. After that, we picked some rock songs to sing. Guess what? I don't know why I got so high yesterday and danced like mad people, and, unforturnately, I kinda twisted my waist. Darn pain weh. I'll just make it short. I bought a blue colour mascara and on the way, I met up with Siew Fong again, we said goodbye and I saw her eyes are wet. Actually I 'ng seh dak' my friends here. Seriously, after soooo many years of friendship, and we've been through a lot. I wonder will things will still be the same to all of us or not. My sistersss are all studying in Form 6 and I'm the only one going out to study. Of course they will still maintain the good relationship among themselves, but as time pass, will they still treat me as close as now?

I'm going out KL and sure will meet with bunch of new friends. But one thing for sure, I won't forget those in Ipoh. As I'll experience much more in KL, facing exams with new friends, and living together with each other, I hope I'll be more mature inside and outside. New life, new surrounding and new hope for me to achieve a better future.

I believe I'll be missing home for the first few days and maybe I'll cry alone in the toilet haha. Hope not. I'll be strong no matter what and I'll pray hard not to get myself into trouble and take care of myself from the BABI flu...

1 more day to go, and my fingers are cold now whoo hoo... NERVOUS BETUI!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Newest Information, but not sure punya...

I just contacted with the girl I've met last 2 months during Assunta interview that day. She told me, 4 people in one room maybe, or maybe 3. Ok, I expected only 2 people. Never mind, she then some more said if this year many students, will stay in the old wing which is the toilets are outside and the room is not big and old. I was, TOTALLY SHOCKED!!! I asked her got any other facilities, and duh she answered me, got water got library... Doink~

Well, I need to bertapa now as I really really shocked and haihz...disappointed... Luckily got tha babi Wayne in PJ if not I sure, ngekkk...

P/S: Days without you here made my heart ache. Plus, I'm leaving my friends already. I need to be strong. Miss those days when we argued, we fought, we laughed and we cried...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nurse Life?

I think most of you knew that I'll be off to PJ, KL to study nursing in Tun Tan Cheng Lock Assunta College of Nursing. Well, for those who always think, 'Huh? Nursing ah? Help people clean shit, clean toilet and do those dirty things one worrr!' Please think out of the box la. Would I study and suffer for those 3 years of studying nursing just to help people clean shit and clean toilet? If it's like that I'd better study as a toilet cleaner la ok? Or no need to study, straight go to DBI to apply to work and I can start working tomorrow.

At first I do think like that too, but when the more stories I heard about nursing, the more I love this job. It's a very very professional job. Nurses can considered as sacrifice their lives to help those people in need. You all might think, got viruses such as SARS or the newest virus in town which is H1N1 will kill you all, but have you ever thought people that are working in the hospitals? Nurses helped patients and take care of them. That day I watched Guess Guess Guess in 8TV about the job nurse. Nurses have to help those patients that are constipated for very long time, to dig out heir shit. Imagine that. Nooooo! Now that I imagined that it's really disgusting. But it's my job. For those readers that have been following my blog for quite a time, I bet you all knew I've met with a terrible accident last year during Merdeka Day right? My uncle, whom is still paralysed now, don't even got the ability to shit himself. My aunt is the one had been helping him to dig the shit out.

I wonder why all people when listened to the word nurse, will think of shits and urines. I really do think it's a very noble job, but people always see this job as a very disgusting job and as a sex object maybe? I'm really looking forward to study nursing. Even though it might be very very hard, but I know I can do this and I won't disappoint my parents and my sister. I know I'm still quite childish but I hope I'll be able to more mature when I'm out of my house cause I need to depend on myself already. As my sister always say, don't ever ever depend and trust other people so easily cause you'll never know what's in their mind. It's KL.

There are some departments I hope I'll be able to work in, which is pediatric or those mental illness one GG. I love children so pediatric won't a problem to me, and those mental patients, I think I'll be able to cope with them as I'm not normal too HAHAHA. I hope I won't be crazier than them?

So, I hope people out there don't be so naive and always think nursing is just about shits and toilets. Do appreciate nurses k? I'm one of them in the future. Imagine my look with the white hat and white uniform, soooo angelic MUAHAHAHA! Don't vomit!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another outing.

All I can say is, Wolfhound sucks. That's all and don't ever ever watch it. It sucks totally.

Back to the title, today is the last outing with Eu Wayne in Ipoh already :(. He's going back KL this Thursday. Today we went to watch that Wolfhound thingy and ended up bored like mad. Then we went to shop for my shampoos and conditioners. After that we went to Tesco Extra and I visited my fellow friends in Takasima, Jamil is soooooo cute! But of course Eu Wayne's cuter GG. Then we went to Ipoh Parade to walk around. Then I tried one shirt which is darn expensive and not nice at all. *muah*

We ate Wat Tan Hor in the food court, even though it's not really that tasty but both of us are hungry so, we managed to finish it. Eating half way suddenly a so-called volunteer worker in those Down Syndrome's centre sit next to me talking bout the you-know stories. I listened for a while and continue to eat. I felt like shoo-ing that girl away but it's kinda rude, so Eu Wayne's the one been listening to her. I thought of donating 5 bucks to her but then she suddenly said at least 25 bucks to buy the milk powder thingy. So, Eu Wayne donated 25 bucks. I don't know how to describe him, but...WAIT! I don't want to praise so much la wei. Later he goes bongkak. Ciu, I'll keep it to myself haha.

Later on, we went to eat ice-cream again! 100yen! Whoo hoo! Ok, thanks to Suet Lee for introducing such a nice place to me. Booo~ We ate peanut flavour today. OMG!!! It's super duperly tasty yum yum~~

After that we headed home. I'll just stand for another 1 week plus then I'll be in PJ already. Goodbye guys...

Monday, June 22, 2009


I woke up this morning and my legs are cacated already.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starwalk pictures.

Starwalk 2009.

At last today's the day, which is not really that important. STARWALK!!! I slept for 2 hours only and was really sleepy this morning, and I'm still sleepy now. Eu Wayne fetched me at 5.35am and he was right that I can't sleep in the car because of his sister's friends and her sister chit chatting behind the seat and were talking bout Drag Me to Hell. Malang betui.

My jimuis and I met at the Velodrom. Ee Peng and her sister were using handkerchief to cover their mouth, scared will get infected with H1N1 wor. Luckily I brought my cute little hanky too hehe :). We started walking at 7.45am I think because it was jammed with 8000 people. Eu Wayne and I were actually competing with Ee Peng and Tai Gor. Haha, but my left leg was very pain so Eu Wayne slow down with me. The conclusion is, my friends are way more faster than both of us.

We met each other at the finishing line. We were lining up to get Milo and 100 plus to regain my energy. Even though it's very very tiring but it's worthy. I'll remember today whee hee~. I think this might be the last year I'm participating Starwalk Ipoh as I'll be off to KL end of this month. I just received a message from Ming Ru that they will held a farewell party for me and we'll be going to karaoke! Hope no change of plan ba haha. I hope I'll have the time to come back for Starwalk every year and will things still be the same? I'm just scared. But I'll look forward into the future and I believe that our relationship will still be as close as ever.

After that we went to Greentown Corner to have our breakfast together. Eu Wayne and I actually planned to watch Wolfhound together but he received a phone call from his dad because his dad wants to use the car. So, plan cancelled haha. But it's ok. Still got chance right?

Love you all...Muah =D

Friday, June 19, 2009


Eu Wayne came back to Ipoh yesterday and of course, I'm damn happy about it. Heehee... At night he fetched me to Wesley Church to watch a Korean Band Concert thingy. It's quite nice but both of us shocked Kay Lynn and Yi Wen haha. After finish watching, his gang and us went to Kopitian to 'yum cha'. I gave him a double check but he wants to have another triple check. Wth?

Then its today. Eu Wayne and I went to have our breakfast at Easy House in Parade. After that, we started to shop for my things that I need for studying in Assunta. I made a long list and we marked those that are bought. Haha, it was quite fun. Not quite, is super duperly fun =D. We walked around Parade while Eu Wayne helping me to carry the heavy plastic bag. Pity him:(.

We went to 100yen to eat ice cream. I was quite full so we ordered one cup only. Eu Wayne belanja whee~~ We ordered Milk flavour and I kinda messed it up haha. Here are some pictures.
It looked like shit but we managed to finish it haha. It's tasty ok? Try it out sometimes. After that we headed home. Reached home and I dropped off all the things I bought just now. We headed to UO again to kill time because his sister finish school at 4.oopm. He dropped his sister home first then only fetch me home. When I reached home, I saw my door openned wide, I thought ada pencuri masuk. See see, my sister at home. Walao eh... So fast reach home for what. She kacau betullah... I'm now waiting for Sunday :D STARWALK!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday was a funney one. I went for a dinner, which is my dad's dad's younger bro's wife birthday which is 77th birthday. I went there about 7.30pm. During the dinner, I drank many cups of red wine which is 13.5% alcohol. I never been drunk before and this is the first time and it's miserable. I can feel my head is spinning and started to act strangely. LOL! After that, my cousin brother fetched me to Eu Wayne's house because his friend and him having a so called gathering party which EW defined it as a Male Party HAHA. I went inside and saw many of my friends.

Things went on well before I got crazy. I'm 95% drunk at that time. I only know I vomited twice in the toilet. Ew, it's purple in colour XD. Red wine maaa... Then they opened a Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe and I'm the one solo singing birthday song I think... Then I don't know why, I used my finger to try the cake and everyone was looknig at me. So embarrassing. When Ah Sum wanted to cut the cake, I pushed his hand and the cake is partly damaged haha. Well, I used my hand to touch the chocolate cream and I chased them all around just to wipe on their face. My victims were Ah Sum, and Eu Wayne. Too bad Weng Hong managed to escaped cause he used his hands to blocked mine.

I kinda forgot most of the parts but I really want to say sorry if I really did anything that embarrassing. Ewwwwww... Tolong laaaaa akuuuuuuuuuuu.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pictures again...


9th June 2009.

Ok, I'm going to update it now la. I'm so damn lazy to update cause I lazy to use my fingers to tap tap tap tap tap. HAHA. Ok let's start this month's post with 9th June 2009. Today is quite a memorable day for me I think. Well, Eu Wayne I and have been planning to dye my hair in my house today but things kinda rushing cause our plan didn't went as we want to but at last he still came to my house and dyed my hair. I don't really want to praise him but he's kinda a professional at dying people hair's. I wonder how many girls' hair he had dyed haha.

Then we decided to call Nicholas out also because Nicholas just came out from NS. Some more that day me and my Jimuis sekalian will be going to Jaya Jusco to watch 'Hannah Montana' but too bad 3 of us (EW, Nic and I) do not want to watch that movie because that EW said it's BORING... EP, SF, CY, Nic, EW, and Tai Gor(EP's bf) went to Secret Recipe to have our brunch. Later on, MR and Flo showed up.

PEOPLE! This is the most important part of 9th June 2009! While all my Jimuis went to watch movie, 3 of us(EW, Nic and I) went to kbox to sing:) At first I'm the one started to pick out songs and both of them only kept on singing and singing. Never mind. Then when it's my turn muahahaha!!! The most powerful singer there is Nicholas! He screamed and shouted like mad and EW too! Both of this sakai sang like no one's business and I just kept on laughing and smiling all the way. Well, things does not went so smoothly when the Nicholas started to record me while I'm singing solo. I wonder when will be my ugly videos will be out in facebook. Luckily I managed to record one video of them while they're singing In The End by Linkin Park.

I think I'll just skip to the night. I promised Eu Wayne that I'll treat him Kenny Rogers but the meal turned out to be Not-up-to-satisfaction. The chicken were cold and not fresh. That EW was too full and almost threw out. We walked around a while then we went to watch Monsters vs Aliens. OMG! I love BOB BOB BOB and BOB IS SO DARN CUTE! After the movie finished, I'm trying to delay the time because I want to celebrate birthday with him. Guessed what? That spoiler Eu Wayne spoilt my plan by asking me, 'I thought you're going to wait till 12 and celebrate with me one?' Walao eh, he asked me till so straight, how am I going to answer him? We stopped at Parade's Kopitiam to drink Tea O.

After that, we decided to head home and it's 12am sharp. He started the car and I asked him not to move. I take out a piece of Blackforest from my bag which I bought earlier on in Secret Recipe. Luckily I prepared the matches and candle from my house. I lighted up the candle and sang birthday song to him. He made wishes for a period of time and blew off the candle. MUAHAHAHA! I quickly used my finger to wipe those cream on his face! Too bad I didn't take any pictures. He seriously looked ugly with the creams on his face. He wiped them off with tissue and used the dirty tissue to wipe back on my face =.=.

Haha, I hope I gave him a very special birthday. I'll be putting my pictures on the next blog =D

Friday, June 12, 2009