Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sequence, top to bottom = 30th April 12.00 am to 30th April 11.00pm

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

30th April 2009

I guessed those who are my friends and the readers of my blog, knew what's the meaning of the title already right? I think this post will be quite a long/short one. Yesterday Suet Lee and I stay overnight at Ming Ru's house. We watched House of Wax which showed last night on 8TV, we are thrilled and screamed here and there, was a nice experience but I prefer they never show it as the important scenes are cut (Paris Hilton stripping and getting her head poked with a sharp bamboo, etc). Wa lao, those scenes are the ones I want to watch.

During one advertisement, I was checking SL's phone, one sms came, from MR "Later how?" Then I knew they are planing something for me, but of course I won't be that stupid, I continue on with MR's poor act. At 12+, I went to her laptop and started to play Facebook. MR off the lights, ok, I'm trying hard not to smile, then she shout AHHH, I laughed and pretended nothing happened. Another time AHHH, 'Happy Birthday to you and so on.' I say OMG thank you thank you:D.

They bought me a very very small cake:) with a candle on it. Then SL showed up, 'See? What's this?' Holding a shirt that I targeted last week in Shibuya, they bought it for me!!! It's dam sexy:) Very low cut:) Then we went to play poker, drink a Cream Liqour which MR loves while SL and I drank till like drinking shit like that. I managed to force myself to finish it by putting in a lot of ice and squeezing my nose. Too bad SL pour into the drain cause she gave up, apalah ni?

We slept at 4am which MR's grandpa woke up to pray HAHA. The pictures I'll be uploading it in the next blog as I'm too bored here in MR's house so I post this blog first. Something happened made us slept at 4am. We chatted bout those things, I'm Chin Hui, guessed what we chatted last time HEHE. Then, MR was very excited, for further information, as her yourself.

I'm very happy. Two of my bestest friend celebrated with me on the spot. Special birthday before I going to other place. Tonight I'll be going to Breeze Cafe to celebrate with my best buddies too. 30th April 2009, I will never ever forget this date.


Monday, April 27, 2009


Yesterday night I chatted with Jeremy, and I was whining to him as usual, and this time was about what to wear this Thursday, which is my birthday:) I was asking him what to wear and he gave me a stupid answer "Birthday Suit". I was wondering and HUH?! He answered me, what are you wearing when you're born? I was like LOL, naked walao?!!!

Ok, back to the title. What does 'birthday' this word meant? The day when we were born? The day we are celebrating our 24 hours of our born date? I guessed, you already wasted 1/3 of your birthday's hours to sleep, am I right? Ok, the day before your birthday, you stay awake and keep looking at your handphone or maybe while online-ing, when it reaches 12a.m your phone calls, sms-es, msn messages starts to flood. And I bet, you wanted to reply but you're too lazy. I am. HAHA. After chatted for a while, you go to bed at 1+ or more. Then, you sleep till afternoon. See? Wasted 8-10 or your birthday to have your own sweet dreams which is not too sweet. After you woke up, you go and brush your teeth, look into the mirror complaining, omg, tonight I have a birthday party with my friends and I looked like ZOMBIE?! MY EYE BAGS!!! NOOO!!!

Well, that's based on my experience, must not be true to some of you, but for me, somehow between very important or not important at all. Yes, you celebrate birthday, and the only day you get lots of fancy presents from your friends, although some of it you don't like and you'll have to pretend you love them. Appreciate what you got and what you have please. Your parents maybe will give you 'ang pao' saying, "Big girl already lo". And you'll be dam happy bout it because you have extra pocket money plus you're dam broke by the moment.

For Chinese people, 18 is the illegal age to do all the things, going to karaoke, gonig to pub, disco and everything, but the most important age is 21. That time, parents will be giving you a 'key' meaning you're totally independent and should have a live of your own. By the age of 21, guess what is the first thing I'll do? I'll organise a trip to Genting Highlands. Call all my fully 21 years old friends, to go into the casino together WHEEE HEEE~~~ WHAT?! 21 la! If don't go casino to experience, still go outdoor and shout while playing the swing swing thing?

Friends out there, I think this will be my last birthday with you guys, cause I'm going to Kl for 8 years study + working. If I really do come back on my birthday, you all sure will have the mind set that is, "Ceh, come back just to celebrate". So, if every year you all remember my birthday it's already very meaningful for me. Although in MSN or sms, as long as you got the heart.

Ok, this is real long. Chao~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To, you-know-who

I'm sorry I didn't kept my promise.

Dear friends,
I'm accepted to study in Assunta and the letter had arrived today. I'm going to KL soon which is on the 30th of June, and the school starts at 1st July. I need to do medical checkup this and that and have to bring all my barangsss which is pillow everything. I'm moving to KL! Which, I'm totally not happy bout it. I really to have my friends' support. I'm very down lately cause you-know-who is having so much stressed and I can't even do anything. 8 years. He just don't understand. Nevermind, I know my dear readers which are my beloved friends, always give me support, OH YA! One more great news, I'm be able to participate in Star Walk in Ipoh 2009 YAY! Hooray to Chin Hui!

I think I'll have to train myself already. I've gain so much weight and lost all my stamina in from of the stupid laptop. Hehe:)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Guessed what people?? I'm going to KL study. It's already 80% I'm going. Don't ask me why, figure it out yourself.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I seriously don't want to go KL, I don't want. Can anyone tell me, how can I talk to my mum? And my dad? I really don't want to go KL. My dreams are in Sg and not KL. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


My mum said, no matter you are accepted in Sg or not, the answer is NO. Assunta is Assunta.

Good News or Bad News?

At 10.52am, I received a call from Tun Tan Cheng Lok Assunta College of nursing, informing me that I'm successful in entering Assunta and will be receiving scholarship. I was quite happy, but conflicts turned out between me and him. Actually we already promised each other that no matter where I'm going and what result that turn out, we will accept it. Of course, things won't turn out so smoothly. We argued for the first time after 1 year plus. Although it's not a big fight, but still hurt each of us.

I'm in a dilemma right now. I'm sure bout my life in KL already and I'm going there to study for 3 years and a 5 years bond. It's FIVE, and it's not a small number you know? 5 years is a very long year. Means we will be parted for another 8 years. After that of course I'll straight apply to go Singapore to study. But, it's years, do we have the determination to continue on? He's going NS for 2 years, and will get to contact with me only during weekends. In each of our hearts, we want us to be happy, but who knows what might came out next? He's worrying that when I need him, he's not there for me and when he needs me, I'm not there for him. Will we find substitutes to cover the lonely part in our heart? Who knows right?

If I'm really accepted to either Ngee Ann or Nanyang, will my mum let me to go Sg? My sister already told me just now, you still want to think sbout it when u have a great future in Assunta? I knew that, but, Sg is still a very good opportunity for me, not because of him, but for my safety yet my future. It's like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I don't wanna miss this opportunity, and one of the most important reasons is, I don't want to be far apart from him anymore. It's hard.

Well, readers or my friends? Can you all give me some opinion? Should I go Sg or KL? Although I don't know the result of the appeal yet, but still, give me some ideas. I'm really stressed when I think of this.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Very Tiring Day...

As everyone saw from my previous post that I'm going for an interview in KL Assunta Hospital. Well, I just got back. I woke up VERY early in the morning which is 6.30am and the sky is still very very dark. Guess what? My dad haven't wake up and he's the one rushing us to be early =.=. Then prepared everything, but I still putting make up on my face haha! Went into the car, locked the door everything, suddenly my dad said, "Eh, I got stomache leh. Just now I shit half of the shit, now still pain." (open the car door went into the house shit again). WALAO!!

Heehee, I'm Chin Hui, of course I'm going to take some picture of myself.

Cam whoring AGAIN! Through out the journey, I slept 60% of it. Reached KL bout 10+. Ate a plate of cha siew wan tan mee'. Quite nice:D. I went to the Assunta Hospital and waited for 5 hours for the 10 mins interview. And, I knew some new friends there and cam whoring in the toilet MUAHAHAHA!!!Her name is Heng Yuen San. There's one more but she refused to take with me :( saaad. There's a board there, Wrote by the seniors, quite nice actually.The condition of the tired peoples who waited for more than 4 hours. Dam! Finished everything, my dad, got super blur. LOST in the big city of KL. We made many big rounds around the roundabout at the bulatan dunno what. Luckily, I'm home now haha!

That's all. I hate writing blogs cause whenever I write, it's sure very very long. BYE!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Dear Miss Ho,
Please come for the interview on 14/4/09 at 11am at the Tun Tan Cheng Lock College of Nursing, Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN.
Please bring all your original certificates.
Thank you.

How am I going to go? Where is the place? Ngee Ann Poly and Nanyang Poly, FASTER REPLY ME!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Going for an interview in Ipoh Specialist Hospital soon. To get into a nursing college somewhere in Nilai haha. I'm very tension right now ohmygosh.