Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life in Assunta 1

Well, its been a loong loong loooooooong time ever since I've updated my blog. Walao... Life in Assunta is not as easy as I thought. I thought it will just be like those typical college, with simple rules and weekends are free but it is all TOTALLY WRONG!!!

Saturday got class, weekdays till 4.00pm... Anatomy and Physiology, Practical and Principles then Psychology thingy... Argh, my timetable are so packed! Everyone of us here do have a so-called pet sis for us to talk and chat bout our secrets and to release our stress. BUt most of the stress are gave by our seniors LOL... SHHHHH!!!!

During orientation week from 1st of July till 17th July, no going out, no lepak-ing, no meeting BFs zzz... So what? After this Friday and it's the end of hell wahahaha... MUAHAHAHHA!!! I'm free! But time is just not enough... Finish class at 4pm, then went out take LRT everything, already 5 then walk for 2 hours then have to come back hostel again. After that, can't come home late cause we have curfew? I don't know how to spell la doink. It's 11pm and if we're later than that...Counselling, and bad records zzz...

Bah... Class at 2 and it's 1.21pm now. Have to off earlier cause I'm online-ing in level 8 and I stay in level 5 and the connection sucks. After 2 months or so, if my allowance allow me to get one broadband myself, I'll get it as soon as possible. Cause the life here is like in the jungle you know? Can't go out socialize, no phone during lectures, no cooking, no downloading songs, NOTHING!!! It's like...Hostel hostel hostel, class class class and eat eat eat. Yeah, I'm getting darn fat now. Spare tires coming out and I can't exercise, lack of time. 24 hours are not enough at all... Every morning I drank Coffee plus Tea to keep me awake during lectures and the Indian girl beside me keep dozing off and 'fishing' if you know what I meant. Damn, have to sit with different races wor kononnya... I'm being so lonely during lectures. Have to learn bout so many things but I start to really love Nursing now...

Don't look down on nurses please. It's seriously a very noble job. I learnt bout bed making, mouth care, hand wash and perineal care GG... Want some help? who willing and volunteer to be my modal HOHOHO!

-the end-

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Kirukato said...

Best model here! =D