Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life in College 2

Sorry for the really late post. Was super busy nowadays with the exams and the lectures and also going for duty in the ward. Well, I guess 24 hours a day is really really not enough at all. Well, last thursday which was 6th of August, we had our very first SCE(which is think is Supervised Clinical Experience), we read over and over again our Principles and Practical books and went to the demo room to practice what we had learnt during the past few weeks which including mouth care, bed bath, bed making, taking temperature, listening to the blood pressure through the stethoscope, well, its very exciting isn't it?

My dream to be a nurse has came true even though I've just taken my first step. You won't know how it feels like when you talk to the patient, taking care of them and seeing them be able to come out of the hospital happily knowing you're the one been taking care of them all the while. Of course I haven't experience it yet but, it's going to be my turn soon.

During my SCE, I helped an Indian middle aged guy to bath because he just had a surgery on his chest down to the umbilical cord there, he have to wear a cateter. We suppose to bath the patient with Oasis but my tutor said must use the traditional way which is using water and soap. It's hard omg... Ok, from face to the hands to the body to the leg and to the perineal area. If there're some words you don't und, just look for the dictionary or ask me cause it's the terms they're using in the hospital. I have to wash his axilla too. But I think I didn't do a good job as I pressed too hard on his tummy and he felt really pain as I can see from his face. I'm sorry sir. I'll do better next time.

Guess what? I'm working in the hospital, means I wearing uniform! No dress for us, only pants haihz. Never mind, pants can make our work better. I'll put pictures later hehe... I fell deeper in love with this profession. I've found my dream job.


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