Monday, May 25, 2009

A Great Day!

Today was great. Yesterday I was chatting with Eu Wayne where are we going to go as we do not want to rot in the house again. After a several suggestion, we decided to go to MyPoint to eat lamb chop *slurp*. I woke up 10.41am in the morning and went down to online for awhile before waking that babi Eu Wayne up but at 11.43am, I received an sms, "Wui." It's from Eu Wayne and he told me that he's too hungry he can't stand it, what a pig =.=. So he reached my house at 12+.

Well, the whole thing is like this. We went to Jaya Jusco because we wanted to watch a Hong Kong movie titled 'I Corrupt All Cops' by Eason Chen and some other famous actors. But the movie will be showing at 3.30 pm which is quite too late for us. So we want to try our luck in Ipoh Parade. During the journey, I confiscate his phone because I hate people who uses phone while they are driving because it is super duper dangerous. They can lose their concentrations you know? Of course I gave back him when we reached Parade. We headed to the cinema and guesses what? Syurga Cinta is the only movie available as others we watched already. Of course we didn't watch it. We walked around and I actually did dare him to go into the Colour Rubber Shop but he used a lame excuse which was, 'I haven't turn 18 yet.' =.=. Never mind!

We walked and walked and walked then suddenly both of us felt like eating ice cream or something real cold. I suggested that we go back to Tesco Station 18 near our house to drink the bubble tea. It was very very very nice. YUMMY! The most important news is, I got a job! The same job I worked before which was Takasima. Well, I'm relieved that the previous workers are still there and our relationship are as close as last time. Then the eldest worker named Wan, went to call my manager, Mr. Ang and handed me the phone.

'Eh, Michelle ah? So what are you doing right now?'
'Me ah? Doing nothing rottin in the house lo.'
'Want to work or not?'
'Huh? I dunno wor. I think it's not really appropriate to work for few weeks only right?'
'Never mind la! Work la! 1 month also can! So when can you start working? Tomorrow can?'
'Ehh, I need to ask my mum bout it first. Tonight I'll call you to confirm.'

At last, I confirmed with him before night time. I'M GOING BACK TO WORK TOMORROW! YEAH! I MISS THEM SOOOOO MUCH!!! So, I won't be going online so often anymore. Anything important? Feel free to text me or call me as I won't be working seriously and I'll be trying all the nice new machines there XD. Oh ya, and we'll be talking about pervertic stuffs again. Hey! Not me ok? I'm just joining the fun :D

And I owe you one Eu Wayne! I'll treat you a nice nice meal when I get my salary:) Thanks for being my so-called-driver for these few days hehe.

Good luck to all my friends who are going to further their studies in UTAR, Form 6 and etc. Do not give up so easily. Love you all so much!

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