Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lyrics that described me...

It's raining now, what should I do? I miss you very much.
I don't dare to call you, I can't find the reason to.
Why is the insomnia sound becoming so familiar?
The silent scene has replaced you to accompany me to wait for the rain stop.

Anticipation makes people to become more indulgent [tired].
Who is the same with me? Couldn't wait for her someone.
Loving you, I've learned the taste of loneliness.
Holding the umbrella alone, crying alone, I'm so tired alone.

What kind of rain? What kind of night? What kind of me will make you miss me more?
How heavy is the rain? How dark is the night then you will care for me?
Actually, with or without me you cannot see the differences.
The ending cannot be more obvious.
Don't say that you will be sad, don't say you will change.
The one being loved doesn't need to be sorry.

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