Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to the real post =D

Not much things happen nowadays, but I did went for my first time posting in hospital on the 18th this month, very very busy and no time to online cause if AM shift I'll be sleeping like dead man on the bed, if PM shift, I think I'm still in the hospital still doing observation maybe? Who knows right? Maybe will be going up and down, to and fro to collect this collect that... Life's hectic seriously.

Friends said these kind of life is lifeless, no life. Cause everyday work sleep eat work sleep eat, sponging patient(help patients to bed bath), do observation every 4 hours(take blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration), feed patient's eat, and etc...

Well, it's really very very tiring seriously, but I do remember what my mum said, I'm doing a very good deed, or I can say, sudah mula dapatkan pahala haha... Chinese ma, reincarnation of course I'm happy to see everyone's happy. You know, those popo poposss that really helpless, and very confuses. Look at them makes me very like, sad you know? But when I helped them to drink milo, help them to walk to toilet even though they really walked very very the slow, but when they said one phrase, "Thank you nurse, you are so kind.", you don't even have the mood to be angry or frustrated with them.

I still remember one patient, been thru masectomy, and she's 84. Very very cute, always call me tai ngan mui(budak bermata besar) haha... but she's discharged few days back. Miss her a lot, when I helped her to sit on the chair, you won't know how heavy she is until you carry her ok?

Behind the word tired, lies the word satisfaction. When you really do love one job, or interest, even though you gets very very tired, at the end of it, you'll be satisfied with the result. I don't expect anything, but to work hard on it and look forward.

And one more thing, just to make him feel proud a bit la, hehe... everyday finish working, of course, my charger is still Eu Wayne, sometimes maybe get a bit frustrated and come home and maybe shouted a bit and scolded a bit and released my anger on him, and yeah, he still keep quiet and let me scold. Where can I find these kind of stupid boyfriend le? Guess nowhere haha...

I guess that's all for these few weeks. Will update if there's anything interesting happening around.


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