Sunday, November 1, 2009

95% about my roommates and MY room!

According to the title above, of course it's totally about my roommates and MY room... My roommates consists of 3 girls(duh), sangat the harmony... 2 chinese, 1 malay and 1 indian. Our relationship of course very good with each other. I think the whole group 69, our room is the only room that will go out together among ourselves always. Let me introduce one and each of them =D.

Pathma a.k.a. adik
Why I call her adik? Even tho she's 20? Because she always call me kakak haha. Well, she's the only Indian I found different from all the other Indians in our group girl. Well, I don't want to be racist so I won't tell it in this blog la. Don't want to cause trouble. She and I got lots in common. I can't tell them out because I just felt a lot of common in both of us, well, malas is one of them haha. We both love to eat, we both love cats and so on la.

Suhaila a.k.a. the cool one
She's the coolest girl in our room and also the selamba Queen too haha. Even tho she's saying lame things but she said it with a very calm voice. She loves strawberry a lots I think because body shampoo uses strawberry flavour, and lots more with strawberry thingy. Having a photo of her and her bf and everytime ppl came into our room, oh suhaila got bf la? then the common answer, "No la! Cousin aje..." then we will give the sarcastic look hehe. She's the most organized girl in our room with the very nicely arranged closet and study table, unlike three of us like dunno 7 degree earth quake haha.

Tzyy Ying a.k.a. the most(act only) innocent girl
Why so? Cause everytime I'm famous of the big bully lol and she'll like "Pathma! You see chin hui with the innocent voice and look. But nowadays she a bit garang already and started to raise her voice up haha. She's one of the pig in our room cause whenever she takes nap, and when we wake her up, she'll just push our hand away and hmm... HAHA.

You all know who am I so... No need to explain la. I'll attach some pictures. heheYeah, as you can see, this picture with the 'hantu' looking girl is suhaila's bed, under it is Tzyy Ying's bed with the 'lelong lelong' undergarments haha... so tidy =(

Well HAHA, my bed at the bottom and Pathma's bed on top of me GG. Tengoklah keadaannya. Especially mine, speechless. I won't make it tidy and will never tidy it up unless I go back to my hometown hehe. Well, our posting days are hectic and pathetic. We have to flood our own room to hang the wet uniforms. 3 sets of uniform there and will add more tomoro lol.
Conclusion, peaceful roommates + good + crazy + noisy room whee hee~

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