Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Moon Cake Festival~!!

Yeah, once in a year of Moon Cake Festival and I'm celebrating it in my hostel TTCLCON...with my bunch of lovely friends... White shirt : Yean =] Orange shirt : Shi Jie =] Yello shirt : Our joker Sophia Chong old old gea XD =] Wasn't bad at all celebrate without any lanterns and candles haha... Just some nice and cute mooncakes by Ah Yean... Each of us cut one small size mooncake haha... After that we play "Rat Attack Cat", yeah...I know it's my fault for teaching them this game cause they all are getting addicted to this game already and after so many rounds of game, I only won once walao eh =.=" So not fair right?

Hehe, wish everyone of you outside have a wonderful night last night. Even though I forgot to bath the moonlight HAHA!

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