Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another day out

Yup! :) You read the reading, another girls' day out after some stress working days. Planned to go watch movie with Chou Kok and Siew Cheau but ended watching with Chai Wei too cause her sister is leaving early, we can't leave her alone walking right?So, we pull her to watch together.

Funny thing is, that Siew Cheau kena forced to wear high heels because of the Ah Kok wearing her new NOSE heels but in the end I'm the one wearing Cheau's heels because her leg paining and walking like dunno what. Luckily I'm used to it cheeeh wahh. So we exchange shoes in the cinema and we got the best seat. Btw, we watched The Expendables, it's cool~! I love the black muscular guy, I bet I'll hug him forever just to sleep =)

We had our delicious dinner at Kim Gary, Don't really like this place because of the less variety and the quantity of food, but the taste is great. 4 of us ordered a Kiwi Ice something, when the waiter gave us, he says the guy there purposely put extra more ice for us...then the stupid Kok says is because of me, please la!

I be able to control myself and manage to come back hostel empty handed, wheeee... But kok bought a shorts from Cotton On, and I tried a very sexy shirt.

Oh ya, Ah by cut his hair!!!!

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