Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Totalled up :)


Went to Skybar in Traders Hotel located in KL! First time ever I went to a bar that is soo nice and damn classy. Have lots of fun there as Wayne's roommate and friends were there. Yup, I was drunk was I still remain my own dignity and I tell myself while I'm half conscious not to fall into the swimming pool and must walk straightly when I go to toilet, guess what? I did it!

I wore a skinny and just a spaghetti strap. Didn't dance as it's a bar not a club and they only provide House Music. Well, what to do, just drink and drink and have fun. We sat next to the window and it has a wonderful scene, we can see KLCC from here with the bright lighting all over!


We learnt ECG(Electrocardiogram) today and Vivian was our model, and we have to expose her! I suppose we can see 'something', well something haha... Too bad Miss Lee covered her too properly... Hmm... I joined typing competition today, and it was quite fun after all but my hands were shaking because too nervous and senior was counting, 5...4...3...2...1... Walao eh, Parkinsonism... haha... And Group 69 received our BLUE band today, which means more senior, more stress, more scolding... Right?

P/s : My tutors say I should 'pak toh' less and lessen my social activities. But I only go our during weekends and weekdays I stayed in my room, either study cause it's exam week or facing my beloved laptop to play games. and I wonder how they know I got a boyfriend? Do I look that naughty? Do I look that lala oh my gosh...

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