Friday, August 6, 2010

Burrrrr... It's cold in HERE!

BOO sama dia! Well, my post in Facebook about, 'It's negative degrees here but there's some still in desert... Fats too thick:)' and some people actually like the crappy post haha... But they liked it cause it's the fact right?

Well, cold war happening between the two rows because of?? AIR CON! WTF?? Yes you felt hot, and YES we felt COLD, it's damn superly superb cold here ok? Change place please if you don't
want to suffer to death because of the hotness you are having there... Well, we're half dead here too because of the negative degrees there. Asked to change place, some yes some no, your friends don't want to cooperate and help you to escape from the hotness there, what to do? I can't help you, so stop fanning yourself here and there... It's actually quite annoying to see you fanning there and we're freezing here...
Okay, another case... Yes you! Cold jokes flying all around lecture hall and we're forced to entertain your cold jokes by laughing and hahaha eh eh eh-ing... repeating and repeating your words for at east 3 times. Hmm...sorry if I pancing but I won't sorry for not paying attention... I remember Miss Katherine saying, if you have to be serious in something, be serious. If you kept on making jokes, nothing will go inside the head and yes, it's true... I don't even know what are you talking about and I'm longing for the break time that you never give us...

One more! Here's the FANSSS for you!!!


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