Sunday, November 30, 2008

How THEY Spend The Time On Saturday Night

Another post for today. How my parents and my mom's mom and sister spend their time on EVERY Saturday night. Many adults or teenagers will be out to clubbing, watching football in their house or maybe sleeping in their house. Some will be online and blogging or maybe playing some online games haha. Unlike my family, my family, every saturday night will go to my grandma's house to play MAHJONG! The whole house will be the sounds of the mahjong tiles hitting with each other. The my dad especially, will hit the tiles very hard on the table shouting 'Lei ah lei ah lei ah! Yeng do dit ah!' meaning come ah come ah come ah! Win more ah! Then me the youngest one, will sit beside him and watch him play. WEH! Sit beside doesn't mean I do not know how to play ok? I know! Quite pro some more! Come on challenge me haha! Here are some pictures of the hands of my dad, my aunt and my grandma.

This shows my family is a very very healthy family ok? Not gambler. After went home, I was bored and coughing like mad. Mum even vomited out all her dinner. My heart hurts to see her so suffering. After that I went up and took a stupid picture of myself hehe...

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Michael Yip said...

mahjong helps stimulate the brain. Very good activity. LOL

Seeing photos of these mahjong tiles, makes me misses Ipoh.