Sunday, November 30, 2008

PURPLE dress on dinner night:)

Actually I decided to wear my dress that i wore on my school's grad night to Steven's annual dinner, because of some financial problem. Then on Steven's annual dinner, my gang and I are going to dance and perform and I haven't master the steps yet. SAD! Then Ming Ru let me tried her dress, she can't fit it because her bones too small, Ee Peng and Florence can't fit it too because their bones too big -kononnya xD- so, I have to wear it lo. Guess what? I can fit inside it! here is the picture with my messy and ugly and pale face with the beautiful and elegant dress.
Muahaha! Nice or not nice or not? Aiyo I know it's nice heehee. For my school's grad night, it's this dress. The style is quite the same. Wulala~~
I'm sorry this picture is not very clear. It's the camerawoman's fault haha. I shall not tell you all her name :)


xinying said...

nice dress! how much you bought for it?

Harmony said...

not a bad dress.