Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love Tengku Hasnah!

A sad but memorable day. On our 'last day' of school, 7th Nov, we have to say goodbyes to most of our teacher. Well, not really goodbye but we had fun taking pictures with friends and mostly my beloved and favourite teacher, Tengku Hasnah! WHOO!!! I forced her, yes. I forced her to take picture with me but the pictures are with my friends now. They can't and won't online cos they are all busy studying and I'm busy blogging here hee hee. I took a card from my friends to let Tengku write messages for me.

Translation : Hi Miss Chin Hui,
- Although you're the naughtiest and the most talkative student in 5S2/08, but I'm happy because you always cheered up my Bahase Melayu class.
- Hope you will do well in your SPM 08 and success in your life.

Miss Tengku Hasnah.

I'm sad to leave my school, and also leave this beloved teacher of mine. I tricked and quarrel with her, those funny funny kinds of quarrel, and she chased me from the 5S2 class to 5S1 class before haha. And she grabbed my hand and pull me back into the class and also aiyo, too much sweet memories with her. Lastly, I LOVE YOU TENGKU! MUAH!

HEHEHE! This two drawings of mine not really nice and also quite messy, but we planned to call his mother to make these shirts next time. But I not sure, will we be able to make it or not la HAHA. And I enjoyed drawing these two stupid shirts while memorizing MORAL!!!!! I GOT A STRAND OF HALF WHITE HALF BLACK HAIR AFTER FINISHED MEMORIZING THE MORAL DEFINITION! WHAT THE tut~~~~~~

Ok, this one I simply tie and simply make a stupid slutty look (as what my friends said). Look at my eye bags la pls. Not enough sleep but still have to study. It's ok. 8 more days to go and I'm free. Looking for part time jobs in Ipoh. Whoever have any informations bout the jobs, can leave comments. THANKS! AFTER SPM=MONEY MONEY MONEY! Y($.$)Y

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