Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unexpected Gift...

Well, I was told and I'm sure that the phone is going to reach ipoh next week. Today is a holiday for me and tomorrow I'm FREE! HAHA!

I've got a wonderful suprise today. I was pasking and arranging all my papers, and prepared to throw them and sell them to "Surat khabar lama, sao kao pou chi, old newspaper". Then my mom came home to 'ta pao' chicken rice for me. Half way, Piiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn, piiiinn piiinnn~~~ ! I thought which 'mat rempit' keep on hon his bike. I look out and saw THE POSTMAN!
He called me to sign, then he asked me, 'Mengapa suara macam tu?', 'Deman la~'. Haha. I brought the package in, my hands were actually shivering. I shorten it lah... ITS THE PHONE! -The End-

The phone and the cover

The box with the pieces of ?? inside.

Tomorrow is the last day I go to school with school uniform. Quite sad actually. After 11 years being a GOOD student. Now have to separate with my friends. Some going to N.S., some going to work, some go married xD.
P/S: Thanks for the phone. My mum asked me how to repay you. I guess you know how I'm going to pay you right? :) To y friends, good luck in your undertakings. Do ever ever forget me. IM CHIN HUI!

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