Monday, August 24, 2009

New Picaaas!

The pictures are during catwalk XD... See my random ugly faces even though Eu Wayne says its cute... LOL MUAHAHAHAHAHA

MASQUERADE Night... The most beautiful night ever...

The most important night and the night that Eu Wayne and I have been waiting for is here... That morning I was working in the hospital and was very tired. Came back to hostel check once more the stuffs that I need to bring to Eu Wayne's house. Because that night is OUR night! Well, things not really going on that smooth. Went to LRT station to wait for him for more than 1 hour because he's in Masjid Jamek to do the dunno what can thingy. Raining wor and can't go to the lrt station there wor... Never mind lo, I've waited and walked around KL Central so damn fun.

Skip that boring part, and come to the night time:) Well, I finished make up-ing myself in 10 mins which turned out quite ok ok only... Then Wee Sheng(EW's housemate) fetched us to Sunway Pyramid to set my hair. Talk bout the hair makes me very very super babi bengang. RM45 and it's lousy... It's ok actually but the RM45 for this kind of hair not really worthy looo... After that walked around and took taxi to Taylor's college =]

The pictures will do the talking...

EW and I actually were selected to be the nominees of Best Dressed Female and Male. Too bad we got no supprter there so we didn't win anything haha. Met Ken Ann there as waitress. We did some cat walking and EW was damn cute I seriously tell you walao eh... He's shy little wayne wayne XD.

The food was quite ok for the dessert ONLY! The main course which 2 pieces of SMALL lamb and the second main course is 1 SMALL piece of salmon which turned out both of it not really freshed and not really that tasty. The service and decorations are very nice but the sound system, nah nah... I'm sitting in front of the speaker and the microphone always got some stupid *eeeekkkkkkeeeekkkk* sound if you know what I mean.

Well, overall that night is very very special for both of us. And I want to say sorry to Eu Wayne cause I complained bout my hair. I'm so so sorry. Oh shit! I forgot to...nvm la... HAHAHA~!

People! Eu Wayne is very very 'yau yeng' OMG... Cute dou sei har sei har kam ah...

Friday, August 21, 2009

PICTURES lalala~

The curly hair girl is my so-called boyfriend... Pretty girl hehe

21th August 2009

Today is indeed a great day for our level 5 Assuntarians, well not only level 5, some of the level 8 girls came down too. Why? Just to celebrate my so-called 'lou gong chai aka my boyfriend' HAHA. Her name is Vivian Lai Yung Wei. I like her a lot, I think I love her too. Friends love la of course, later Wayne Wayne jealous XD. She looks like Spongebob you know? I call her BOB and she calls back me Ham Ham(short form of Hamtaro cause I eat like a hamster =.=")

We planned a birthday party for her, even though it's not really grand but we enjoyed it in tiredness cause we just went for SCE that morning. 14 of us share a present, a big piece of birthday card and a Secret Recipe Chocolate cake mm mmmm for her. At 12 o'clock sharp, while she's sleeping soundly on her bed, we off the corridor's light and the pantry's light. I went into her room, off the lights and climb up the 2-storey-bed and woke her up and shook her violently. I'm Chin Hui k? Even thought I'm a nurse-to-be but doesn't mean I'll turn into a lady-like ok? Ewww... NEVER!

Then then then, let me continue first...She was like so damn blur looking, and I said, 'Wei! Got something happened outside! Faster faster!' At that time I was actually pulling her real hard cause I can hear the cracking sound of her tendons or bones or cartilage or whatever so on haha. I was so scared at the moment cause I might strain her hands but WHO CARES! Most important is to pull her out! When we're out, we sing happy birthday song and can see the suprise face on her.

SOrry la...Didn't take any picture cause I'm quite emo...because of my ji mui Florence. It's her birthday too... I called her twicee, no one answered, thought that she's asleep then I sms her lo... Happy birthday! Guess what? I got a reply saying, Thanks, u r? I was like, OMG! I was really really hurt, hurt very seriously that kind. My besties, my ji mui, my bff...asking me who am I? I guess I'm in KL for 2 months plus, our relationship got faded away? After few years of friendship? I went into the room and brushed my teeth and of course call my darling to complain la muahahaha...

Aiyaaa, skip that sad part. We went to a bak kut teh shop at Oldtown PJ which is 10mins walk from my hostel. DAMN full... I realise, those Penang girls can eat a lot you know? Crazy one... PJ's bak kut teh is totally different from Ipoh's one. Ipoh's one is like all ingredients throw into one big pot but PJ's is like, one bowl of meat, one bowl of this and that... Not as nice as I thought. I miss my house's nearby shop. So so sooooo nice the bak kut teh yiiii...

On the way home, we kind of exercise lol...ran back from Oldtown becaus thunders and lightnings and droplets of rain... When we're reaching our hostel, the so-called leng chai physiology doctor which our group girls have been talking about cycling on the pathway and almost bang onto me. Kept on left right left right. I swear if he bang onto me, I'll make him see physiology doctor himself. zzz...

NOOOO! Tomorrow is the day! What day???! Masquerade night. Nothing much actually, just a very very memorable night for me and Eu Wayne because our first party wor... I'll take lots of pictures and will be posted here very very very soon hehe...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Post

Today is Wednesday and it's the 4th day I'm back in my beloved hometown in my cosy little small house. Tomorrow I'll be back to PJ back to the busy city to continue my busy life there. Haha, that's life what do you expect? Nothing comes to you without you working hard on it. And most important, nothing is free.

Actually I don't what am I writing as I'm listening to loud music and playing Restaurant City now haha. Time passes by so so so super fast as we'll be celebrating our 2 months anniversary. Unexpected huh? I mean, unexpected cause time passes by so fast no other meaning hehe.

Now that I'm totally dependent on myself in PJ, my financial matters are killing me. RM390 per month huh? I guess no more shopping, no more eating luxurious food, but KL is a city where temptation is surrounding me and my colleagues. I'm really trying hard to save and not to spend out of my budget but sometimes we can't help it but to spend the DAMN money. Ok, firstly we talk about food, my hostel will be supplying lunch and dinner. Lunch is great but dinner, well, zzz...*speechless* Secondly, I'm almost suffering from severe constipation kononnya so I have to buy fruits! Thirdly, can't sleep or pancing in the class or else kena fine.

PLEASE LA! RM390 mana mana cukup weh??? Dapat supply untuk kaki, tak dapat supply untuk tangan, dapat supply untuk badan tak cukup supply untuk mulut hamster aku. Oh yeah, I got some nicknames in my college, hamster[coz I love to store food, under my desk, on my desk and inside the cupboard] and Ho Mama! Cause they say I'm like a mother, not because I'm caring but because I always nag nag nag hahaha!

Masquerade Night is just 10 days away. Bag, dress, accessories are all ready but shoes haven't buy yet. I really don't want to burden him by paying for me, I got the responsibilities to pay myself. But that BABI TAK GUNA wouldn't let me pay shit him... I'll take lots of pictures to be posted here. Can't wait for 22th!!! As he said, the 1st party to go with him and being his partner wor ish ish... I hope won't be any ballroom dancing session, I don't want to embarrass myself please...

With just a blink of eyes, so fast it's already 1 year since the stupid accident occured to us. I visited my uncle yesterday, I'm really really glad his condition really getting better and better. He fat jor... Even though I'm studying as a nurse, but the nursing spirit haven't really inside me yet. I guess I have to work more hard to really really fall in love with this job. Aiyooo, what do you expect? I just study nursing for not even 2 months, but I'm excited to go to the ward for SCE again on next Thursday and Saturday =DDDD

Good luck to my friends such as Ah Sum for surviving in a boring city, my beloved ji muis in Form 6 in facing their exams, my sayang gor to be successful in everything and good luck to my beloved sister cause she's going to start working next Monday. Last but not least, my dear Eu Wayne in doing his assignments and he's an assignments freak that abandon me just like that babi him!

Love you guys a lot...Please do keep in touch with me, I really do miss you guys and girls you know? I want to be updated with your news everything, just send me messages once in a while, I miss you all... Living in hostel with a bunch of girls isn't that great after all. Jealousy, conflicts and cold wars are surrounding me... TOLONG!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Assunta's pic

Life in College 2

Sorry for the really late post. Was super busy nowadays with the exams and the lectures and also going for duty in the ward. Well, I guess 24 hours a day is really really not enough at all. Well, last thursday which was 6th of August, we had our very first SCE(which is think is Supervised Clinical Experience), we read over and over again our Principles and Practical books and went to the demo room to practice what we had learnt during the past few weeks which including mouth care, bed bath, bed making, taking temperature, listening to the blood pressure through the stethoscope, well, its very exciting isn't it?

My dream to be a nurse has came true even though I've just taken my first step. You won't know how it feels like when you talk to the patient, taking care of them and seeing them be able to come out of the hospital happily knowing you're the one been taking care of them all the while. Of course I haven't experience it yet but, it's going to be my turn soon.

During my SCE, I helped an Indian middle aged guy to bath because he just had a surgery on his chest down to the umbilical cord there, he have to wear a cateter. We suppose to bath the patient with Oasis but my tutor said must use the traditional way which is using water and soap. It's hard omg... Ok, from face to the hands to the body to the leg and to the perineal area. If there're some words you don't und, just look for the dictionary or ask me cause it's the terms they're using in the hospital. I have to wash his axilla too. But I think I didn't do a good job as I pressed too hard on his tummy and he felt really pain as I can see from his face. I'm sorry sir. I'll do better next time.

Guess what? I'm working in the hospital, means I wearing uniform! No dress for us, only pants haihz. Never mind, pants can make our work better. I'll put pictures later hehe... I fell deeper in love with this profession. I've found my dream job.