Monday, December 1, 2008

An Unlucky Day...

Today, I went to school to return the SPBT books. Well, I lost some books heehee, and I lied muahaha! Then we planned to walk to Ritz Garden Kopitiam to have our lunch and brunch there. AND! IT IS CLOSED! WTH?! It's ok, we walked to Fantasy and it's very very hot outside and some of us including me, keep on whining and complaining that it's super hot and we will become tanned awwww~ We reached, then ITS CLOSED AGAIN! We were frustrated. We were so angry. Then we made our last decision to walk a long way to Ipoh Parade. ARGH! Luckily Ming Ru brought a SMALL umbrella. ALAMAK! At last we went to Kopitiam in Ipoh Parade and I'm wearing a very lousy slippers, super short shorts and the colour is almost bleached off and my class T-shirt. The biggest mistake I ever made is forgotten to take the nice mixed ice that ordered by Ming Ru and Florence. Haihz. But I do took some retarded pictures. Heehee. Enjoy~

Ee Peng with her typical rich girl style ngekngek... Vic Qi and I the cute couple that will dance together this Friday MUAHAHA! Suet Lee and I the two pretty woman, walking down the street, pretty woman... Whoo hoo~ After that we headed back home and I went to Ming Ru's house to wait for my dad. Her house is super tidy. Not like mine! Let's compare.

SEE SEE SEE?! LOOK AT MY BOOK RACK! All these cute toys are on top of her piano. Nice hor? That's all for today. Goodnight!

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