Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, this is the first update after more than 2 months. I'm quite lazy to update actually and didn't even think of updating it. Today is the day my life changed(not really). I'm going to get my SPM and I went to Florence's house to gather and went to school together. My dad dropped me off and said, "Good result call me ah." I replied, "Not good then I don't call u haha."

Skipped the unnecessary parts. I don't want to tell you my results cause it's bad actually. HINTS: Half-half:) I called my mum.
"Ah mi, I got ...As"
"Huh? You can get ...As?"
"See? I told you. Others how? Florence leh?"
"See?? Ppl so clever. Who call you to play comp always?"

I cried. I never thought she would give such a reply. At least my sister called me, saying I did well although her results are a lot better than mine last time. At least she said that I did very well, not bad but non of these came out from my mum's mouth. Soon, we went to eat. These are the pictures of us after eating.=)

This picture, the most right is SUET LEE. Why her face like that? Coz at the last minute she shouted, "GOT CAR AHH". HAHAHA!

Then, we went to Steven's to tell him our result. *skipped* Went back to Florence's house. Mum fetch me and guess what? Sarcastic words again. This time more worse. I don't know how should I react. I remained silent and did not release my anger. I just can't stand her anymore. The conversations are like this. Most of it are hers.
"Wa, you Malay and Sejarah can get A? What your sister get B you got A. Sure you're the one that get THE WORST result among the gang. See la? I told you, you always study a bit come out walk walk. Play computer. Go into the room flip flip a few pages come out again. See they all get full As or 9As. You think for yourself la. Did you put all your hardwork into it? So how's *your friend's result?(dun wanna mention her name)"
"...As"and my mum remained silent for a while.
"Ooh, means she's the worst la?(trying not to be embarrased and to save the moody condition)Never mind la, sometimes get so many As won't be so good in the future"

Then I think for myself, did she know, how much hardwork I put into it? When I'm studying, she's not there, and only when I'm not studying, she's always there to look at me. I can't control my tears now. She never encourage me before but to step on me. I know what she's trying to say, but these wont work on me. I rather her to praise me. I never get it before. I just want to calm myself down. I know I'm not clever, but just reduce these kind of sarcastism to me and I'm very grateful to her already.


yukana said...

hey dude! guess we have the same type of parents huh?

yiwen said...

just chill. dont let her words eat into you. u've tried your best so just put your effort into the next part of ur education. =)