Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waiting for 30th...

I'm rotting on my computer chair while waiting for the results to come, whether I'm accepted to go Nanyang Polytechnic or not. Well, I put a great hope on it and I kept telling myself that I'll be accepted. While on the other hand, I am quite sad, cause I'll be soon be apart from my friends. Not that I can't see them anymore, but, it'll take a long time to see them again, especially Florence, I love her so much. She'll be going to National Service this Friday(20th). After this, I don't know when can I see her again.

But we have to accept the fact. Don't worry my friends, I'll be back to visit you all during my semester break. Be sure to find me in MSN ok? I love you all and I'll always do. Muah~ Good luck in you undertakings.

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