Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday my sister told me that she'll be sending me a mail, and must be home the whole day. Well, I kinda forget bout what she said hehe, then today, I was playing some stupid games in my laptop, then i heard "peep peep peep". What else? Of course rush to the door and open it laaa. I was correct, it was the POSLAJU. I took my IC and give him. Then I see, it's for me!

I went inside, open it carefully cause in my mind I thought, " Is it suppose for my mum or dad?" But, who cares, I still open it... Guess what? I shake the white box, and saw VINCCI. Aiyah, at first of course I will think, fake one laaa. Then I open the box, a watch and a 8GB pendrive, inside there's a note which, I won't tell you what it is heehee.

I'm speechless while having the biggest smile on my face. I quickly ran to the laptop, search for my sister in MSN, I thank her like mad. Every year, she's the only one giving me birthday present but I didn't return her at all. And few weeks ago,I treated her a lunch for the 1st time of my life haha. What kind of sister am I? Ok, I swear, wherever I go, wherever I am, I'll send her back a parcel during her birthday, if I got the money haha:) Lastly, I love ya sis:) Muah~

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