Friday, March 13, 2009

I Hate You!

Well, someone sent me a link to blog, well I won't say who are they or who is she/he. What I'm trying to say was, can't the person be grateful to their results? Please la, straight As man. 10a1 and 1a2, if, if I got these kind of results, I'll be happy like mad but that person, WTF LA! Still want to complain when got these kind of nice result? I bet when that person got my result, that ppl will straight jump down from the hall yesterday. Please appreciate what you all have. F*ck off please. You sucks and I wont ever ever like you.

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yukana said...


Who's that? I'm sure its not me cause if it was me I would be so happy until I jump off Upper Hall's window ddy XD