Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chih Yan's B'day Party~

Yesterday, we celebrated Chih Yan's birthday in a cafe called Breeze Cafe. The food was quite nice, but I was broke and declared bankcruptcy haihz~ We cut the very nice fruits cake and eat it, and the results are...

Well, this is my piece of art. Nice? :)

After that, some of us pay a visit to the toilet, at first we're blur cause we cant find any toilet there. The waitress showed us the way, and guessed what? It's hidden LOL. Actually I have no idea what is the old man doing there. But the toilet is dam nice because it's decorated and has a air-con in it. We try to figure why, and I gave a wonderful idea, "Aiyo, the air-con is for us when we are shitting ma, so that we won't feel hot when forcing the SHIT out lo" HAHAHA!

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