Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wonderful and Memorable Dinner

Yesterday night was Steven's Gathering Dinner for us ex Form 5 students. At last, my friends and I performed. I did a few mistakes but luckily no one notice muahaha. I took lots of pictures with my group of friends. I don't care, today's post will be full of pictures of my and my friends. I looked very tired by the end of dinner, so I'm sorry if my poses are just the same all the way haha.

Whoo hoo! Most important one is the picture I took with STEVEN! He's so damn cute and so handsome RIGHT?! Plus, another picture I took, I call it as, 5 COWS with 1 FLOWER. HAHA! I'll sure get whacked when the COWS saw what I wrote here haha.

1 comment:

yukana said...

there is a peribahasa that says: flower on a pile of cow dung...

Don't miss translate, I din say anything... Heehee =)