Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Day in Hell

Today I went to General Hospital to help my uncle for his medical check up. Things went quite well at first, but, after that, hell is coming. My aunt, my cousin brother and me waited for 2 long hours for our turn to come. We went inside the clinic, Orthopetic Specialist and chat with the Dr. Leong, a very fair lady, Chinese, I'm proud of her. After talked bout his condition, we're told to wait for her report to go for the Rehabilition Centre. Well, we handed in the report to the nurse, and we have to open another file. Means? NEED TO WAIT AGAIN LOR! Never mind, we waited patiently for another 2 more hours, it's already 11+.

We waited and waited till 1+, then HO KAH SENG!(my uncle's name). Then we're so awake and went in. Guess what? I saw a very professional doctoc, specialize in rehab. His name is, I think, Fong Chee Chong, Fong Kee Chong? OMG! I forgotten this leng chai doctor! He's tall, fair, fluent in Malay, English and Cantonese. And I was like, OMG, will I see these kind of doctor next time when I'm working in hospital next time? Who knows? My parents always call me to marry those doctors, but I guess, I'll marry an engineer? HAHA!

Then, I called the ambulans Mr.Rajes to fetch my uncle home. Oh ya, I woke up at 7.30 this morning, and I'm very sleepy and tired right now. But it's okay, for the sake of my uncle. Meanwhile, my bro and I went to the pharmacy to collect the medicine. WTF?! We went in, and inside was crowded like mad. Totalled up, 100+ people, we go take our number, 2215, and we thought our turn will turn up fast, but when I read properly the small piece of paper, "Sila duduk, anda akan dilayan sebentar lagi" -please sit down, you'll be serve soon- Well, the soon means, 2 BIG HOURS LATER AGAIN!

Our turn almost come then I saw an aunty, talking to the pharmacist, it darn funny.

"Eh leng lui, it is my turn ah? *showing her paper numbered 2205, and the monitor is showing a big 2205 there*
"Ya aunty, it's your turn. These are your medicine aunty." *giving her all the creams and pills*
"Eh leng lui, are you sure all the medicine same ah? *showing the pharmacist the plastics that contained her pills last time*
"Ya ya aunty, it's all the same. Just the packing not same. Inside all same" *smiling*
"Then the cream ah, why not same packing?"
"Just the packing only."
"Are you sure the tube is the same??"
"Ya aunty."
"Then the country that manufactured it the same ah?? Are you sure ah??"
"Yes yes aunty, same same." *pushing the button to call for another patient*

Haihz, these kind of aunty that made the turn so slow. Why? Haihz, I wonder if i really succeeded to be a nurse next time, will I be able to stand all these aunty aunty? I'm not that patient.

Well, back to myself, I FOUND WORK IN TESCO! The manager's name is Mr.Ang, I heard Mr.Han at first and made me very excited, but in the end is ANG! Tomorrow I'm going to start work already, if you all free, pay a visit to me ok? I work in Takasima. Sell those exercise machines. Buy and let me have commission hohoho!

So long~~~~~~~~~~~~`

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