Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hiking At Bukit Kledang...

Whoo hoo!~ Today was a great day. Although it's a bit tiring, but still, we had lots of fun you know? We reached there bout 8. Then we saw a GIANT ant, but the heartless, cruel Ee Peng use her beautiful legs to step on it, a few seconds later, a few red ants started to surround the corpse. We are disgusted, the fluid from the giant ant gave out a foul smell. Ew~

The scenery.
The energyless Ee Peng and the almost-fainted Florence HAHA.
We came down after the first 'floor', ITS ALL BECAUSE OF FLORENCE CHONG LA! We made a pit stop at the waterfall, and manage to take some pictures. Ee Peng and I was doing some Tai Chi moves. Aiyooo, we know we are acting la ok?

Two retarded girls.

Four of us squarting down, touching and feeling the coldness of the water. Hmmm.

Yeah! Siew Fong showing her butt.

When we proceed, we saw a group of monkeys? Baboons? We don't know. We only know we are scared and walk faster haha. These monkeys remain me of my friends:)

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