Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trying New Style:)

Today went to my friend's party, something like gathering la. And my hair style now sucks and I'm bored to tie pony tail, so I tied two like those village girl haha! And I played with my mum's sunglasses too...heehee... I got scolded by my friend by stealing her hair clip to use wakaka!

I took some random pictures of my friends too. They looked kinda retarded. A greedy friend of mine ate another plate, FULL PLATE!

Hand=Ming Ru, Florence and I

We walked a long way under the hot sun, my arm got 'burnt' and it is tanned now. How am I going to wear my tube dress? T.T We went to find our friends and I tried a very nice dress! It's purple in colour again hehe. And Ee Peng is beside me wearing her favourite pink colour dress.

It's very very sexy behind it. Cost Rm108, but got 20% discount. But still very expensive and I can't afford to buy it. I decided to wear two piece for my dance.

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