Monday, April 27, 2009


Yesterday night I chatted with Jeremy, and I was whining to him as usual, and this time was about what to wear this Thursday, which is my birthday:) I was asking him what to wear and he gave me a stupid answer "Birthday Suit". I was wondering and HUH?! He answered me, what are you wearing when you're born? I was like LOL, naked walao?!!!

Ok, back to the title. What does 'birthday' this word meant? The day when we were born? The day we are celebrating our 24 hours of our born date? I guessed, you already wasted 1/3 of your birthday's hours to sleep, am I right? Ok, the day before your birthday, you stay awake and keep looking at your handphone or maybe while online-ing, when it reaches 12a.m your phone calls, sms-es, msn messages starts to flood. And I bet, you wanted to reply but you're too lazy. I am. HAHA. After chatted for a while, you go to bed at 1+ or more. Then, you sleep till afternoon. See? Wasted 8-10 or your birthday to have your own sweet dreams which is not too sweet. After you woke up, you go and brush your teeth, look into the mirror complaining, omg, tonight I have a birthday party with my friends and I looked like ZOMBIE?! MY EYE BAGS!!! NOOO!!!

Well, that's based on my experience, must not be true to some of you, but for me, somehow between very important or not important at all. Yes, you celebrate birthday, and the only day you get lots of fancy presents from your friends, although some of it you don't like and you'll have to pretend you love them. Appreciate what you got and what you have please. Your parents maybe will give you 'ang pao' saying, "Big girl already lo". And you'll be dam happy bout it because you have extra pocket money plus you're dam broke by the moment.

For Chinese people, 18 is the illegal age to do all the things, going to karaoke, gonig to pub, disco and everything, but the most important age is 21. That time, parents will be giving you a 'key' meaning you're totally independent and should have a live of your own. By the age of 21, guess what is the first thing I'll do? I'll organise a trip to Genting Highlands. Call all my fully 21 years old friends, to go into the casino together WHEEE HEEE~~~ WHAT?! 21 la! If don't go casino to experience, still go outdoor and shout while playing the swing swing thing?

Friends out there, I think this will be my last birthday with you guys, cause I'm going to Kl for 8 years study + working. If I really do come back on my birthday, you all sure will have the mind set that is, "Ceh, come back just to celebrate". So, if every year you all remember my birthday it's already very meaningful for me. Although in MSN or sms, as long as you got the heart.

Ok, this is real long. Chao~

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ユカナ said...


8 years?? Didn't know that the programme is THAT long. You're gonna do your degree there too??

OMG I've never imagined that this day will come. I mean, the day you're gonna leave Ipoh. I know that you'll be going but still....its really gonna be different without you. (your shouts and constant harrasment =P)

I still remember you used to talk about Assunta quite often when we sat together in Form 3. Well now your dream is finally coming true! (Althought its not really what you wanted but still!)

We might not be seeing each other again for like what? 1 decade?! So really hope to spend some time with you before you leave for KL.

All the best! And hope to see you REALLLL soon. =)

Gonna miss you kitty! *hugs*

p/s: I know we're not that close anymore last year, I hate to say this but...sometimes I kinda miss your err...harrasment and company. (ARGHHH!!! I can't believe I typed that out!!!)