Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To, you-know-who

I'm sorry I didn't kept my promise.

Dear friends,
I'm accepted to study in Assunta and the letter had arrived today. I'm going to KL soon which is on the 30th of June, and the school starts at 1st July. I need to do medical checkup this and that and have to bring all my barangsss which is pillow everything. I'm moving to KL! Which, I'm totally not happy bout it. I really to have my friends' support. I'm very down lately cause you-know-who is having so much stressed and I can't even do anything. 8 years. He just don't understand. Nevermind, I know my dear readers which are my beloved friends, always give me support, OH YA! One more great news, I'm be able to participate in Star Walk in Ipoh 2009 YAY! Hooray to Chin Hui!

I think I'll have to train myself already. I've gain so much weight and lost all my stamina in from of the stupid laptop. Hehe:)

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