Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Very Tiring Day...

As everyone saw from my previous post that I'm going for an interview in KL Assunta Hospital. Well, I just got back. I woke up VERY early in the morning which is 6.30am and the sky is still very very dark. Guess what? My dad haven't wake up and he's the one rushing us to be early =.=. Then prepared everything, but I still putting make up on my face haha! Went into the car, locked the door everything, suddenly my dad said, "Eh, I got stomache leh. Just now I shit half of the shit, now still pain." (open the car door went into the house shit again). WALAO!!

Heehee, I'm Chin Hui, of course I'm going to take some picture of myself.

Cam whoring AGAIN! Through out the journey, I slept 60% of it. Reached KL bout 10+. Ate a plate of cha siew wan tan mee'. Quite nice:D. I went to the Assunta Hospital and waited for 5 hours for the 10 mins interview. And, I knew some new friends there and cam whoring in the toilet MUAHAHAHA!!!Her name is Heng Yuen San. There's one more but she refused to take with me :( saaad. There's a board there, Wrote by the seniors, quite nice actually.The condition of the tired peoples who waited for more than 4 hours. Dam! Finished everything, my dad, got super blur. LOST in the big city of KL. We made many big rounds around the roundabout at the bulatan dunno what. Luckily, I'm home now haha!

That's all. I hate writing blogs cause whenever I write, it's sure very very long. BYE!!!

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