Friday, April 17, 2009


I seriously don't want to go KL, I don't want. Can anyone tell me, how can I talk to my mum? And my dad? I really don't want to go KL. My dreams are in Sg and not KL. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

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ユカナ said...

Just like what I've said in your previous post, I still think if by any chance you're not getting into Sg in 1 year's time, go for KL.

See, if you get to study in KL, you get to save time. Moreover, you can just do diploma instead of Form 6.

Maybe to stay in KL is not your first choice but think about it, after your diploma you might get to go Singapore to continue your studies.

God just wants you to wait for another few years before going to Singapore.

But if you really wanna go Singapore, (I feel like going there too) why don't try other ways to get into it. Persuade your parents. Don't give up on Singapore until the last second.

Well, this is what I think only larh.

Anyways, all the best from me!