Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy, Tired and Stressed OUT!!!

Yeah, life is seriously challenging, life is hectic and life is totally unexpected. I thought I'll be definitely going to Singapore to study nursing but I end up coming into Assunta for nursing instead. I never had a free day in here, but I do enjoy staying in a new environment cause I do love mixing with new friends but you will never know what kind of internal affairs occurring in here GG.

Yeah, guess what? I'm chasing my dreams and some of my friends really do feel proud of me. I do feel proud of myself too, for having a wonderful life with wonderful friends and wonderful partner for me that are always around me whenever I need him to be there. But sometimes I really do feel scared and felt insecure, cause what will happen to me if all these just crashed and crushed and smashed into pieces? Then I'll be left with nothing?

YEah, emo-ing right now. Cause I'm seriously stressed out from studying and exam is tomorrow. After that, deeper hell is awaiting for me next month. No no no, not next month, end of this month the deeper hell is already started. Let me type down my timetable here...

29th Sept : AM duty 7am-2pm
30th Sept : PM duty 1.30pm-9pm
1st Oct : AM duty 7am-2pm
2nd Oct : Trial OSCE(practical)
8th Oct : OSCE
12th-16th Oct : Final exam Test 3 1 day one subject
18th Oct : Posting starts which will last for 3 months till January intake

Yeah, it's very busy... I don't think so you all want to look at my eyes now, cause I just woke up and wasn't concentrating in my studies cause I information seems can't get into my head, I guess after this post I'll get back to my notes. I've flung my A & P paper, I hope P & P won't be the same too.

But luckily, this Saturday and Sunday will be a great weekend for me! I'm going for 3D Final Destination which is the first 3D movie I watch after 18 years of my life, and Sunway Lagoon on the Sunday! Whee hee~~! Of course my dear Eu Wayne is accompanying me la k?

Just want to say a big SORRY to Eu Wayne for making him have to tolerate with my temper this whole week, cause I complained and whined a lot bout many many things... I wish I'll turn back to the normal me after this exam... but test 3 is around the corner, I wonder how long he can tahan me, I'm just too one knows what will happen the next second of time right?

Oh yeah, I'm going for 3days 2night trip to Singapore during Raya week... 22nd - 24th...



Kirukato said...

Gambateh n chase after ur dream.
Dun give up and rmb gor will alwis support u. =]

chinhui said...

that's why u're my beloved gor :D

Kirukato said...

Of course... =]