Tuesday, September 1, 2009

City Harvest Church Outing

First of all, Assunta the seniors organized some church thingy outing la. ME of course going to participate right? More over, my Wayne Wayne is going too =D it's on the Friday night 28th August 2009. Going to watch a play title "Will You Marry Me?" After the show the pastor calls the all the boyfriends to say to their girlfriends and I'm one of them *shy*. When Wayne said it, I pretend I didn't hear anything. So bad hor? XD.

Let's jump to Merdeka Day which is the day I HATE THE MOST! Why?? Why??? So-called 1 year Anniversary of the FUCKING BABI accident la! Haihz... Never mind la, another good day today for me. Donated blood with Wayne Wayne and took some nice pics with him too hehe :) Went to city harvest church for Food Fair and yeah...Quite cool anyway... Nothing much to say... Just put some pictures enough la...

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