Monday, June 29, 2009

The Queen of Nervous.

I seriously got no mood to write long blogs. I'm suffering from the disease of nervousness here. MAJOR ones.

Yesterday, Ming Ru, Suet Lee, Florence, Kasturi, Chih Yan, Kah Mun and Siew Fong had a farewell party for me, in the Kbox haha. The first song we sang was 'Xia Yu Tian' which is the one I missed when I went with Eu Wayne and Nicholas. After that, we picked some rock songs to sing. Guess what? I don't know why I got so high yesterday and danced like mad people, and, unforturnately, I kinda twisted my waist. Darn pain weh. I'll just make it short. I bought a blue colour mascara and on the way, I met up with Siew Fong again, we said goodbye and I saw her eyes are wet. Actually I 'ng seh dak' my friends here. Seriously, after soooo many years of friendship, and we've been through a lot. I wonder will things will still be the same to all of us or not. My sistersss are all studying in Form 6 and I'm the only one going out to study. Of course they will still maintain the good relationship among themselves, but as time pass, will they still treat me as close as now?

I'm going out KL and sure will meet with bunch of new friends. But one thing for sure, I won't forget those in Ipoh. As I'll experience much more in KL, facing exams with new friends, and living together with each other, I hope I'll be more mature inside and outside. New life, new surrounding and new hope for me to achieve a better future.

I believe I'll be missing home for the first few days and maybe I'll cry alone in the toilet haha. Hope not. I'll be strong no matter what and I'll pray hard not to get myself into trouble and take care of myself from the BABI flu...

1 more day to go, and my fingers are cold now whoo hoo... NERVOUS BETUI!!!


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