Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nurse Life?

I think most of you knew that I'll be off to PJ, KL to study nursing in Tun Tan Cheng Lock Assunta College of Nursing. Well, for those who always think, 'Huh? Nursing ah? Help people clean shit, clean toilet and do those dirty things one worrr!' Please think out of the box la. Would I study and suffer for those 3 years of studying nursing just to help people clean shit and clean toilet? If it's like that I'd better study as a toilet cleaner la ok? Or no need to study, straight go to DBI to apply to work and I can start working tomorrow.

At first I do think like that too, but when the more stories I heard about nursing, the more I love this job. It's a very very professional job. Nurses can considered as sacrifice their lives to help those people in need. You all might think, got viruses such as SARS or the newest virus in town which is H1N1 will kill you all, but have you ever thought people that are working in the hospitals? Nurses helped patients and take care of them. That day I watched Guess Guess Guess in 8TV about the job nurse. Nurses have to help those patients that are constipated for very long time, to dig out heir shit. Imagine that. Nooooo! Now that I imagined that it's really disgusting. But it's my job. For those readers that have been following my blog for quite a time, I bet you all knew I've met with a terrible accident last year during Merdeka Day right? My uncle, whom is still paralysed now, don't even got the ability to shit himself. My aunt is the one had been helping him to dig the shit out.

I wonder why all people when listened to the word nurse, will think of shits and urines. I really do think it's a very noble job, but people always see this job as a very disgusting job and as a sex object maybe? I'm really looking forward to study nursing. Even though it might be very very hard, but I know I can do this and I won't disappoint my parents and my sister. I know I'm still quite childish but I hope I'll be able to more mature when I'm out of my house cause I need to depend on myself already. As my sister always say, don't ever ever depend and trust other people so easily cause you'll never know what's in their mind. It's KL.

There are some departments I hope I'll be able to work in, which is pediatric or those mental illness one GG. I love children so pediatric won't a problem to me, and those mental patients, I think I'll be able to cope with them as I'm not normal too HAHAHA. I hope I won't be crazier than them?

So, I hope people out there don't be so naive and always think nursing is just about shits and toilets. Do appreciate nurses k? I'm one of them in the future. Imagine my look with the white hat and white uniform, soooo angelic MUAHAHAHA! Don't vomit!

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