Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday was a funney one. I went for a dinner, which is my dad's dad's younger bro's wife birthday which is 77th birthday. I went there about 7.30pm. During the dinner, I drank many cups of red wine which is 13.5% alcohol. I never been drunk before and this is the first time and it's miserable. I can feel my head is spinning and started to act strangely. LOL! After that, my cousin brother fetched me to Eu Wayne's house because his friend and him having a so called gathering party which EW defined it as a Male Party HAHA. I went inside and saw many of my friends.

Things went on well before I got crazy. I'm 95% drunk at that time. I only know I vomited twice in the toilet. Ew, it's purple in colour XD. Red wine maaa... Then they opened a Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe and I'm the one solo singing birthday song I think... Then I don't know why, I used my finger to try the cake and everyone was looknig at me. So embarrassing. When Ah Sum wanted to cut the cake, I pushed his hand and the cake is partly damaged haha. Well, I used my hand to touch the chocolate cream and I chased them all around just to wipe on their face. My victims were Ah Sum, and Eu Wayne. Too bad Weng Hong managed to escaped cause he used his hands to blocked mine.

I kinda forgot most of the parts but I really want to say sorry if I really did anything that embarrassing. Ewwwwww... Tolong laaaaa akuuuuuuuuuuu.

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