Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starwalk 2009.

At last today's the day, which is not really that important. STARWALK!!! I slept for 2 hours only and was really sleepy this morning, and I'm still sleepy now. Eu Wayne fetched me at 5.35am and he was right that I can't sleep in the car because of his sister's friends and her sister chit chatting behind the seat and were talking bout Drag Me to Hell. Malang betui.

My jimuis and I met at the Velodrom. Ee Peng and her sister were using handkerchief to cover their mouth, scared will get infected with H1N1 wor. Luckily I brought my cute little hanky too hehe :). We started walking at 7.45am I think because it was jammed with 8000 people. Eu Wayne and I were actually competing with Ee Peng and Tai Gor. Haha, but my left leg was very pain so Eu Wayne slow down with me. The conclusion is, my friends are way more faster than both of us.

We met each other at the finishing line. We were lining up to get Milo and 100 plus to regain my energy. Even though it's very very tiring but it's worthy. I'll remember today whee hee~. I think this might be the last year I'm participating Starwalk Ipoh as I'll be off to KL end of this month. I just received a message from Ming Ru that they will held a farewell party for me and we'll be going to karaoke! Hope no change of plan ba haha. I hope I'll have the time to come back for Starwalk every year and will things still be the same? I'm just scared. But I'll look forward into the future and I believe that our relationship will still be as close as ever.

After that we went to Greentown Corner to have our breakfast together. Eu Wayne and I actually planned to watch Wolfhound together but he received a phone call from his dad because his dad wants to use the car. So, plan cancelled haha. But it's ok. Still got chance right?

Love you all...Muah =D

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