Friday, June 19, 2009


Eu Wayne came back to Ipoh yesterday and of course, I'm damn happy about it. Heehee... At night he fetched me to Wesley Church to watch a Korean Band Concert thingy. It's quite nice but both of us shocked Kay Lynn and Yi Wen haha. After finish watching, his gang and us went to Kopitian to 'yum cha'. I gave him a double check but he wants to have another triple check. Wth?

Then its today. Eu Wayne and I went to have our breakfast at Easy House in Parade. After that, we started to shop for my things that I need for studying in Assunta. I made a long list and we marked those that are bought. Haha, it was quite fun. Not quite, is super duperly fun =D. We walked around Parade while Eu Wayne helping me to carry the heavy plastic bag. Pity him:(.

We went to 100yen to eat ice cream. I was quite full so we ordered one cup only. Eu Wayne belanja whee~~ We ordered Milk flavour and I kinda messed it up haha. Here are some pictures.
It looked like shit but we managed to finish it haha. It's tasty ok? Try it out sometimes. After that we headed home. Reached home and I dropped off all the things I bought just now. We headed to UO again to kill time because his sister finish school at 4.oopm. He dropped his sister home first then only fetch me home. When I reached home, I saw my door openned wide, I thought ada pencuri masuk. See see, my sister at home. Walao eh... So fast reach home for what. She kacau betullah... I'm now waiting for Sunday :D STARWALK!

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