Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another outing.

All I can say is, Wolfhound sucks. That's all and don't ever ever watch it. It sucks totally.

Back to the title, today is the last outing with Eu Wayne in Ipoh already :(. He's going back KL this Thursday. Today we went to watch that Wolfhound thingy and ended up bored like mad. Then we went to shop for my shampoos and conditioners. After that we went to Tesco Extra and I visited my fellow friends in Takasima, Jamil is soooooo cute! But of course Eu Wayne's cuter GG. Then we went to Ipoh Parade to walk around. Then I tried one shirt which is darn expensive and not nice at all. *muah*

We ate Wat Tan Hor in the food court, even though it's not really that tasty but both of us are hungry so, we managed to finish it. Eating half way suddenly a so-called volunteer worker in those Down Syndrome's centre sit next to me talking bout the you-know stories. I listened for a while and continue to eat. I felt like shoo-ing that girl away but it's kinda rude, so Eu Wayne's the one been listening to her. I thought of donating 5 bucks to her but then she suddenly said at least 25 bucks to buy the milk powder thingy. So, Eu Wayne donated 25 bucks. I don't know how to describe him, but...WAIT! I don't want to praise so much la wei. Later he goes bongkak. Ciu, I'll keep it to myself haha.

Later on, we went to eat ice-cream again! 100yen! Whoo hoo! Ok, thanks to Suet Lee for introducing such a nice place to me. Booo~ We ate peanut flavour today. OMG!!! It's super duperly tasty yum yum~~

After that we headed home. I'll just stand for another 1 week plus then I'll be in PJ already. Goodbye guys...

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