Saturday, June 13, 2009

9th June 2009.

Ok, I'm going to update it now la. I'm so damn lazy to update cause I lazy to use my fingers to tap tap tap tap tap. HAHA. Ok let's start this month's post with 9th June 2009. Today is quite a memorable day for me I think. Well, Eu Wayne I and have been planning to dye my hair in my house today but things kinda rushing cause our plan didn't went as we want to but at last he still came to my house and dyed my hair. I don't really want to praise him but he's kinda a professional at dying people hair's. I wonder how many girls' hair he had dyed haha.

Then we decided to call Nicholas out also because Nicholas just came out from NS. Some more that day me and my Jimuis sekalian will be going to Jaya Jusco to watch 'Hannah Montana' but too bad 3 of us (EW, Nic and I) do not want to watch that movie because that EW said it's BORING... EP, SF, CY, Nic, EW, and Tai Gor(EP's bf) went to Secret Recipe to have our brunch. Later on, MR and Flo showed up.

PEOPLE! This is the most important part of 9th June 2009! While all my Jimuis went to watch movie, 3 of us(EW, Nic and I) went to kbox to sing:) At first I'm the one started to pick out songs and both of them only kept on singing and singing. Never mind. Then when it's my turn muahahaha!!! The most powerful singer there is Nicholas! He screamed and shouted like mad and EW too! Both of this sakai sang like no one's business and I just kept on laughing and smiling all the way. Well, things does not went so smoothly when the Nicholas started to record me while I'm singing solo. I wonder when will be my ugly videos will be out in facebook. Luckily I managed to record one video of them while they're singing In The End by Linkin Park.

I think I'll just skip to the night. I promised Eu Wayne that I'll treat him Kenny Rogers but the meal turned out to be Not-up-to-satisfaction. The chicken were cold and not fresh. That EW was too full and almost threw out. We walked around a while then we went to watch Monsters vs Aliens. OMG! I love BOB BOB BOB and BOB IS SO DARN CUTE! After the movie finished, I'm trying to delay the time because I want to celebrate birthday with him. Guessed what? That spoiler Eu Wayne spoilt my plan by asking me, 'I thought you're going to wait till 12 and celebrate with me one?' Walao eh, he asked me till so straight, how am I going to answer him? We stopped at Parade's Kopitiam to drink Tea O.

After that, we decided to head home and it's 12am sharp. He started the car and I asked him not to move. I take out a piece of Blackforest from my bag which I bought earlier on in Secret Recipe. Luckily I prepared the matches and candle from my house. I lighted up the candle and sang birthday song to him. He made wishes for a period of time and blew off the candle. MUAHAHAHA! I quickly used my finger to wipe those cream on his face! Too bad I didn't take any pictures. He seriously looked ugly with the creams on his face. He wiped them off with tissue and used the dirty tissue to wipe back on my face =.=.

Haha, I hope I gave him a very special birthday. I'll be putting my pictures on the next blog =D

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